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For many of us, computers have become our primary way to store and organize many things important to our personal lives and business. When they quit working it's amazing how fast you realize their usefulness and the significance of the material stored in them.

A Computer is probably the most complex item you'll ever own. The first time I built (assembled) one I was amazed that so many tiny parts could all be made to work together reliably. Then came advent of the 'low price' machine- it's no wonder they break down.

I offer practical solutions that make sense (cents) and I never forget that your stuff that's 'in there' is usually more valuable than the machine itself.

I also build new machines for those who value a reliable performance machine that won't break the bank. I know hardware and why it's sometimes just the programing that makes it quit.

Rates: Computer Repair
Carry-in Repair, including upgrades and tune-ups plus drive recovery and back-up. Per Hour $35
On-site Repair, including upgrades. I can also hook-up and configure your TV Media Center Per Hour $50/ 1 hr min
Tune-Up (Get the lead out) Flat Fee $50
Fresh Start: Reload Operating System after backup of your files. Scan your files for viruses and move back to machine. This returns your machine to factory specs and solves many glitches and speed problems. Very recommended for machines over 4 years of age. Flat Fee $85
Custom Built Machine. While I can't compete with the low end junk that all the manufacturers now produce, I can build a far more reliable performance machine for a fair price that's also very quiet. Includes setup and transfer of all your files for a pain-free transition. Cost varies depending on your required use. Flat Fee Call
Training. Trying to get that program to work for you? Want to learn how to be a nut like me and build a computer for yourself? Per Hour $35

The HTPC: The computer that will change your entertainment world.

htpc oak et ctrCheck your cable or satellite bill lately? Are you still watching 200 channels with nothing new on (except the commercials)? Are you paying for a great internet connection while just surfing and using email?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a machine that would bring you more entertainment choices at a fraction of the cost? A machine that would run serious computing programs, surf the web, email, game and more, located right in the room you spend quality time in?

That machine is the HTPC, short for Home Theater Personal Computer. Paired with online entertainment choices from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, you can get entertainment on-demand at a fraction of the cost, and all commercial-free for a small monthly fee.

Not only that, but today's computers are extremely energy efficient, further bringing down your entertainment expenses.

A HTPC is basically just a desktop PC, built into a horizontal case that's approximately the same size as a stereo amp. It utilizes a wireless touch-pad-keyboard. I build them to be silent, durable, power-stingy and most of all: versatile!

If you're tired of all your devices that don't quite cut it- give me a call, I'd be glad to discuss it further.

Taylor-Built Custom Computers

  • 3 to 5 year Mfg Warranty's
  • No Apple/Foxconn guilt
  • No Software Bloat
  • Local Support

The primary advantage of having a custom built computer is the peace of mind that comes with using only the best working quality components and knowing your system is durable, efficient and able to perform your most demanding tasks.

This doesn’t mean overbuilding for performance you’ll never use- It means building a dependable workhorse that will cost-effectively meet your needs. I also cleanly load the operating system, avoiding all the unneeded garbage that most big manufacturers install. Most of time these free and trial software titles only bog down and destabilize your new system. They also trick users into thinking they need them and usually involve some kind of annual fee.

The parts I use are selected from only the best. I don't cut corners and routinely beat the brand names on both price and by a long shot on quality- if your using your computer for business this is your best strategy to avoid failure.

I can also load your new (or older) system to run in a dual-boot configuration, with for example 7 and 10, and can even build a system that runs both Windows and Mac so you can enjoy both worlds. You can then run your older programs properly.

How do I offer long warranties? Answer: I don’t- the manufacturers do! Some of the parts, like the case, may only be one year, but the mission critical stuff ranges from 3 years to lifetime. Not only that, I do the research to avoid bad batches or rosy claims because, like you, I hate it when things break. My machines routinely last without problems for more than 8 years. I know this because after I put them through years of stress, I often hand them off to others who work them more.

Prices for these custom builds vary depending on required use. A typical box is usually around $700 to $1000, but that gets you a speedy machine with far more integrity than the big manufacturers offer. I generally try to stay off the bleeding edge as the extra performance is considerably more expensive and most users don’t notice the 5-10% difference in speed.

Private Instruction

I offer private instruction on a range of subjects tailored to meet your needs.

PC Basic Training.

I'm proficient on Windows 98 thru the new version 7 and can teach you how master your computer too. To get the most from your pc and to avoid common frustrations, I'll help you establish good working habits for keeping your precious files organized and archived. If you’re new to computers I can quickly get you up to speed on e-mail and the internet. I can also advise you on various programs to meet your tasks.

More advanced users can learn how to configure their systems for greater speed or how to create a dual boot system to run older software.

Digital Photography:

I teach techniques and practices to help you realize the full potential of your digital camera. From the simplest point-and-shoot to the more advanced DSLR's, I can show you how to consistently take better pictures. This training is taylored to your present skill level and covers composition and lighting to advanced external lighting techniques.

After you've taken some great shots you'll probably want to improve them. Come learn a new skill that will take you on a fascinating journey into the world of digital image manuliptation. I've been a longtime user of Photoshop (since v2) and I'm up to speed on the latest version- pro photographers in the area rely on my knowledge of this popular tool to develop their photographs. Warning: Highly Addictive and Fun!

I'm also a user of Photoshop's latest tool: Lightroom. This amazing piece of software is a photographers dream, but it really does require training to avoid frustration and get the most out of.

Another important subject is printing. This requires a understanding of color management and the limitations imposed by today's printers.

Digital Video:

I was editing DV on a PC before the MAC crowd started crowing about it. I’m familiar with Vegas and Premier and also know how to get good results using Windows Movie Maker (free).

Word Processing:

The world’s primary tool for writing documents is MS Word. I’ve been using it since the windows 3.1 days and it’s only gotten better over time. This is a fairly simple title to learn and well worth knowing.


This versatile program acts as a contact manager, e-mail client, calendar and task manager rolled into one. It’s indispensable in my daily life and business and it might be just the answer to organizing yours.

Various others:

Microsoft Access, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Fireworks, Indesign and Flash.


My Background

I started as an enthusiast and was fortunate that my friend and teacher was an engineer at Intel. I bought cheap hardware and soon learned the value of buying quality. With all sorts of problems, that first windows 95 machine provided me with quite an education in troubleshooting and a super lesson in value.