Computer Repair & Maintenance

computer repair

For many of us, computers have become our primary way to store and organize many things important to our personal lives and business. When they quit working it's amazing how fast you realize their usefulness and the significance of the material stored in them.

A Computer is probably the most complex item you'll ever own. The first time I built (assembled) one I was amazed that so many tiny parts could all be made to work together reliably. Then came advent of the 'low price' machine- it's no wonder they break down.

I offer practical solutions that make sense (cents) and I never forget that your stuff that's 'in there' is usually more valuable than the machine itself.

I also build new machines for those who value a reliable performance machine that won't break the bank. I know hardware and why it's sometimes just the programing that makes it quit.

Rates: Computer Repair
Carry-in Repair, including upgrades and tune-ups plus drive recovery and back-up. Per Hour $35
On-site Repair, including upgrades. I can also hook-up and configure your TV Media Center Per Hour $50/ 1 hr min
Tune-Up (Get the lead out) Flat Fee $50
Fresh Start: Reload Operating System after backup of your files. Scan your files for viruses and move back to machine. This returns your machine to factory specs and solves many glitches and speed problems. Very recommended for machines over 4 years of age. Flat Fee $85
Custom Built Machine. While I can't compete with the low end junk that all the manufacturers now produce, I can build a far more reliable performance machine for a fair price that's also very quiet. Includes setup and transfer of all your files for a pain-free transition. Cost varies depending on your required use. Flat Fee Call
Training. Trying to get that program to work for you? Want to learn how to be a nut like me and build a computer for yourself? Per Hour $35

Choose Carefully!

Not all repair solutions are created equal! I know of one mother who needlessly lost all the digital photos of her children growing up. Her computer that had a simple start-up problem (the hard drive was not corrupt and still worked). Without checking, the service she went to re-formatted (erased) and re-loaded the operating system without any attempt to recover her precious pictures, e-mails and other irreplaceable data.
Another had a machine that had grown sluggish from too many bad programs. The solution was to add more, which didn’t solve the problem, but created a new one in their wallet!

My Background

I started as an enthusiast and was fortunate that my friend and teacher was an engineer at Intel. I bought cheap hardware and soon learned the value of buying quality. With all sorts of problems, that first windows 95 machine provided me with quite an education in troubleshooting and a super lesson in value.