Joseph Oregon Digital Photography

I do standard as well as stitched panoramic photography primarily for the local real-estate industry and prints that are available on this site and in local galleries. I also do portraits.

An advantage I have with Portraits is the ability to combine or blend several images to produce a single photograph in where all people (or pets) are at their best. I have been a long time user of Photoshop™ (since v2) and currently I'm up-to-date with the latest version.

Photography is accomplished using a Pro DSLR along with various lenses including a 12 mm wide angle rectilinear.

Although my primary specialties are landscape and architectural, I also enjoy shooting portriats and wildlife. I have many pictures that I've shot around the Joseph area, and please, contact me if your looking for something specific- I'm happy to custom shoot and my fees are reasonable.

Photography & Video Services

Architectural Photo, Portrait, Panoramic VR Tours & Video
Portrait Photo Sitting Fee: local area. Includes up to 100 shots and private online gallery for your review. each $75
Retouch, restore. Blend multiple images and other Photoshop Tricks Hour / $20 min $40
Panoramas: Take your pics, stitch and optimize one panorama. each $15
On location I shoot, stitch and optimize one panorama for web or print use. each $100
I shoot additional panoramas, at same location, stitch and optimize. Save as JPG or QTVR each additional $30
I shoot additional stills while at same location (per keeper) each additional $10
On location Shoot of Real Estate in a 30 mile radius of Joseph Oregon. Includes a minimum of 12 good professional pics. Includes adjustments in Photoshop, and saving additional optimized web versions at any custom size (Limit 24). Satisfaction guaranteed!! Picture
Put your best foot forward!! On location Shoot of Real Estate or any other subject in a 30 mile radius of Joseph Oregon. Includes Two panoramas and a minimum of 12 good professional pics. Includes adjustments in Photoshop, and saving additional optimized web versions at any custom size (Limit 24). Satisfaction guaranteed!! This is your best value and will show your clients how serious you are about their listing. Tour+Pic
Shoot and/or edit video, add music, titles, compress for web or DVD/HD Per Hour $40

Archival Printing

High Quality Printing is achieved with Hp's excellent Designjet 130nr. It produces very deep blacks and has an improved color range over similar equipment. This is the same printer that is used by the Ansel Gallery. I employ a color managed workflow to get very accurate color. The printer can print up to 23.6" wide and uses a variety of media including roll. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you live in the Joseph Oregon area, the advantage of having the ability proof your work on site will end your frustration with far-away print houses. You'll also be able to pick-up prints on a need basis rather than ordering in quantity.

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. concluded that prints made with HP's 130 printer cartridges and HP Premium Plus papers may be displayed indoors under glass for 82 years before noticeable fading and staining will occur.

Fine Art and Photographic Archival Printing
Proof picture to satisfaction Includes 3 Small Proofs $20
Retouch/Blend and other Photoshop Tricks Hour / $20 minimum $30
Print, 5 x 7 Each $6
Print, 8 x 10 Each $8
Print, 11 x 16, 13 x 19 Each $25
Print, 18 x 24 Each $35
Print, 20 x 30 Each $42
Print, 18 to 24 x 36 Each $50
Custom Sizes Up to 24" x ?? Call

Scanning - Digitizing

Scanning is achieved via an Epson Photo 4990. The manufacturer states 4800 dpi for actual optical resolution. The scanner is very color accurate and will do normal flat work at 8.5 x 11 as well as negatives and transparency's from 35mm all the way up to 8 x 10.

Scanning and Restoration
Scan: Slide, Transparency,or Photograph. 35mm to 8 x 10 Negatives or Transparences. Write to CD-ROM or DVD Price per each shot, Includes Media $15
Additional pictures scanned at same time, add to CD-ROM per each additional $5
Scan, Clean up and Restore old picture. Save to CD-ROM Price per shot, Includes Media approx. $25

Digital Photography Training

I teach techniques and practices to help you realize the potential of your digital camera. From the simplest point-and-shoot to the more advanced DSLR's, I can show you how to consistently take better pictures. This training covers basic composition and lighting to advanced external lighting techniques.

After you've taken some great shots you'll probably want to improve them. Come learn a new skill that will take you on a fascinating journey into the world of digital image manuliptation. I've been a longtime user of Photoshop (since 1994) and am up to speed on the latest version- pro photographers in the area rely on my knowledge of this popular tool to develop their photographs. Warning: Highly Addictive and Fun!

I'm also a user of Photoshop's latest: Lightroom. This amazing piece of software is a photographers dream, but it really does require training to avoid frustration and get the most out of.

Another important subject is printing. This requires a understanding of color management and the limitations imposed by today's printers.