Joseph Oregon Panoramic Photography

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This is my High Mountain Panoramic Print Collection. You'll find panoramas of the Wallowa Mountains including Wallowa Lake and Joseph. They represent work that started many years ago and continues to this day. Early versions were shot using 35mm film and are the result of many hours of painstaking layer work in photoshop. As newer technology arrived it was integrated into the process, greatly improving the time and accuracy of the finished project. These photographs capture a view that in many cases is over 180 degrees. They are usually a crop of the total picture, mainly to bring the print into a size that is easily or more inexpensively framed. However, because I print these in-house, any custom size to 24" in height could be produced. An example would be a print which is offered in a version that's approximately 48" x 12". If it were made 24" tall it would be 8' long!- not the easiest thing to frame, so a little restraint has to be applied when requesting custom sizes.

I hope you enjoy looking at these and invite you to come and visit the area in person. 'Being there' really puts these photo's, however wide, into perspective. As I've said before, Joseph Oregon is a masterpiece of art in itself; a gift the creator blessed upon all of us.