Digital Photography Training

I teach techniques and practices to help you realize the potential of your digital camera. From the simplest point-and-shoot to the more advanced DSLR's, I can show you how to consistently take better pictures. This training covers basic composition and lighting to advanced external lighting techniques.

After you've taken some great shots you'll probably want to improve them. Come learn a new skill that will take you on a fascinating journey into the world of digital image manuliptation. I've been a longtime user of Photoshop (since 1994) and am up to speed on the latest version- pro photographers in the area rely on my knowledge of this popular tool to develop their photographs. Warning: Highly Addictive and Fun!

I'm also a user of Photoshop's latest: Lightroom. This amazing piece of software is a photographers dream, but it really does require training to avoid frustration and get the most out of.

Another important subject is printing. This requires a understanding of color management and the limitations imposed by today's printers.