Joseph Oregon Stock Videos

Stock Video

These were shot on a particularly clear morning in late May; Springtime in Wallowa County.

The origional files are HD, 60i shot using a HV20 camera in HDV format. The originals look about as good as the average you see on HD broadcast these days (very good). Please contact me directly if you'd like to use them.

All Videos © 2009 - JosephDigital.

Joseph Oregon Overlook Video


Length: 48s
Date: 5/30/09, 7:50 AM
1080(60)i NSTC

Joseph Oregon Main Street Video

Length: 1m, 11s
Date: 5/30/09, 8:00 AM
1080(60)i NSTC

The Wallowa Mountains Video

Length: 40s
Date: 5/30/09, 8:40 AM
1080(60)i NSTC

Chief Joseph Monument Video

Length: 40s
Date: 5/30/09, 7:25 AM
1080(60)i NSTC