Joseph Oregon Web Design

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I approach every site with one question in mind:
“What can we do to make your site contribute to your business or cause.”
I work from your ideas and suggest features and ways to realize those goals.

This task requires more than just a web designer; you need someone who understands the big picture online and has a keen drive to compete; someone who not only understands the technology, but someone who understands what motivates online users to act.

In addition to experience in web programming, your design person should have expertise in usability, quality content creation, search engines, web graphics, photography and accessibility, along with the professionalism required to make timely changes and adjustments. Further knowledge of how marketing in the online medium differs from print or TV is also a prerequisite to creating a website that’s effective.

Please read the article that defines my approach to site construction. Besides being a good introduction, you'll be made aware of the mechanics involved in making sure your online project is a success.

Rates: Web Design, Optimization, Instruction, VR Tours & Video
Whole Site Design. Get the Look and Feel you and your customers expect. Develop the right copy, photos and graphics- and get it all to load fast enough keep your clients happy. Per Hour $35
Web Site Optimization (SEO)- Getting your site to rank high on the major search engines is as important as having a website in the first place. It begins with proper identification of your target market and development of effective keywords. Analysis of your competition reveals how much effort will be needed to attain a good rank. Per Hour $50
Instruction: Web Graphics, Site Design (Dreamweaver), CMS Systems (Wordpress, Joomla) Per Hour $35
On Location Video Shoot: Edit, add music etc. Save for web or DVD. Within 10 mile radius of Joseph. $250 minimum. Per Min. of Finished Video 75.00
Flat Rate Site Maintenance
Simple text changes. via e-mail ea $7
Picture, fixed and optimized, with text; added to existing page ea $10
New Product Page, with text and picture ea $25

My History

I began designing web pages in 1999 when my Wife (Michele) went to work for the local Joseph Oregon real estate company,. I knew that the Internet was important to her business simply because of out-of-area interest. I also knew that the company's web site was poorly developed for that goal.

After intense study I put into practice all I had learned and redesigned the company's web site. The result was a 6700% (thousand) increase in visitors over a five year period. It remains one of their greatest sources for new leads.