I do standard as well as panoramic photography primarily for the local real-estate industry. I also do portraits, travel and aerial drone photography.

Photography is accomplished using a 42mp Sony A7R III along with various lenses including a 12 mm wide angle rectilinear.

Although my primary specialties are landscape and architectural, I also enjoy shooting wildlife and have many pictures that I've shot around the Joseph area, so please contact me if your looking for something specific- I'm happy to custom shoot and my fees are reasonable.

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Photography & VR Services

Architectural Photo, Portrait, Panoramic VR Tours, Aerial
Portrait Shoot Sitting Fee: local area. Includes up to 50 shots and private online gallery for your review and download. Flat Fee $75
On location Shoot of Real Estate in a 30 mile radius of Joseph Oregon. Includes a minimum of 12 and up to 35 professional pictures. Includes adjustments and saving optimized web versions at any custom size. Satisfaction guaranteed! Typical turn-around time, shoot to delivery, is usually less than 24 hours.
Note: Add $8 per image for HDR (when needed).
Real Estate VR Tour - One HDR spherical 360 panorama produced and hosted in a VR Tour. See HDR VR Tour Example here. Each $100
VR Tour plus Pictures: On location Shoot of Real Estate or any other subject in a 30 mile radius of Joseph Oregon. Includes five 360 x 180 HDR VR Panoramas in a hosted tour plus a minimum of 12-35 professional regular and HDR pictures. Includes additional optimized web versions at any custom size. Satisfaction guaranteed! Tour+Pic
Additional spherical 360 panoramas, shot at same location, and incorporated into the same Tour Each additional $75
Aerial Drone Photography (I am a licensed FAA Remote and Regular Pilot) Each / 2 min $50
Scan, Retouch, Restore any photo. adjustments and other Photoshop treatments. Hour / $20 min $40

Why I use HDR

Dynamic Range is a measure of light between the darkest and lightest areas in a scene. It is usually measured in f-stops as it relates to photography. The difference between say, f4 and f5.6 is only one stop but it represents twice as much light

Today’s best modern cameras have the ability to ‘see’ about 15 stops of dynamic range. The Sony A7R III, which I use, is considered unsurpassed in this respect. But it’s still not enough to capture a scene that has the shadows in the interior of your average home, contrasting with the sunlit mountains in the view outside the windows. You can see it, but the camera can’t. The reason you can see both the inside and the view outside is that your eyes are capable seeing 22 to 28 stops of light! Today’s cameras are nowhere near as good as eyes at capturing dynamic range. This is why you see so many photos of homes with white views outside the windows. And if a home has a stellar view, not showing that view from inside the home has a tremendous effect on interest.

Enter HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. I take a series of images, 2 stops apart, to capture both the shadows and the highlights. These are then processed to represent the scene as I remember it. Despite the software doing the heavy lifting of sorting out all that light, getting a natural-looking result is something of an art form. Most photographers, unless they’ve practiced, simply make a mess of it- it’s why HDR has gotten a bad name.

hdr 1hdr 2hdr 3

Presently there is so other way to photograph these types of shots. Until cameras get as good as eyes, it remains the best practical way to represent a photographic view of what we naturally take for granted.

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